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View Now Taxes are on Sale Now »
If you’re not talking about the importance of tax diversification with clients, you’re missing sales opportunities. Help your clients generate tax-free and non-reportable income with this little-known IRS code that can help your clients boost retirement income and provide flexibility.
View Now The Shell Game »
We spend a great deal of time planning for retirement's unpredictability. What are the external pressures on your client's retirement? Hear about the techniques you can employ to offset these threats: increased tax rates, ever-growing federal budget, increased interest rates, advances in medical treatment and the longevity of Social Security.
View Now Why Over Half of Prince's Estate Goes to Uncle Sam »
How can you use media surrounding Prince's lack of planning to propel your sales in the business market? Here's a discussion about why this happened and various business strategies to help your clients surrounding: exit planning, creating retirement income, developing estate/wealth transfer, business protection and help clients navigate tax-advantaged options.
View Now 1040 Overlays: Building Life Insurance Opportunities »
Here are the secrets to uncover planning opportunities using 1040 overlays. We'll show you how to look at 1040s in a way that helps you identify sales opportunities. Life-changing events are reflected on the 1040 form and if you know what you're looking at, you might just find a new opportunity. From policy evaluation to a new sales opportunity … we'll get you started.
View Now Leverage Your Client's 401(k) in Conjunction with Life Insurance »
How wage earners can take the same dollars they allocate to their 401(k)s and employ life insurance to gain additional benefits. This is the year to change how you sell insurance to:
  • Leverage clients' disposable income.
  • Provide asset protection.
  • Reduce financial risk.
  • Protect from creditors.
View Now Tax Hurdles of Foreign Nationals Living Abroad and Owning US Property »
Explore residency status and worldwide challenges of taxation in the U.S. See how the income tax rules are affected by residency status for:
  • Estate and gift tax exposure for non-residents.
  • Real estate transfers that may limit tax exposure.

We'll discuss these topics and how life insurance can help complete a strategy that can achieve your clients' goals.

View Now The 4 Ls of Life Insurance »
Help your clients show their everlasting love as we explore the 4 Ls of life insurance: Love, Legacy, Lifestyle and Leverage. We'll apply life insurance to real-life scenarios to help you understand why developing and building a dual-pronged sales approach is best for fitting your clients' needs.
View Now How to Package a Successful Life Case »
From the first client meeting, take a life case and position yourself for a successful finish. Join Eloise Glaspie, CLU®, ChFC, Agency Development and Education Manager, as she explores how top advisors set up cases and prepare their clients to cross the finish line.
View Now Deciding Between Chronic, Critical and True Long-Term Care Riders »
Discover the differences and similarities of care options to address your clients' elder care and per diem limitations of IRC Section 101(g) and IRC Section 7702(b) regulations.

You'll also learn coaching techniques to help clients determine their preferences and identify strategies that can support their desires. If you're new to elder care or need a refresher, this session will highlight some of the alternative uses of life insurance.

View Now Win Over Clients' Heirs »
Discover strategies to form and build relationships with your clients' heirs to help them avoid the pitfall of "the first generation makes the money, the second generation spends it and the third generation blows it." Improve your offerings by helping clients preserve their family's legacy. Navigate sales strategies designed to nurture generational planning while incorporating beneficiaries in the process.
View Now 10 Approaches to Close 2015 with a Bang »
As we approach the end of the year, how can we help you meet—and exceed—your annual goals? Explore 10 strategies that address client concerns, seasonal insurance strategies and other ways you can make your year-end a success as well as help set up a triumphant year.
View Now How liable are you when the tables turn? »
As an insurance producer, are you opening yourself and your business up to unwarranted risk? If you have cases sitting on your desk that have not yet made it back to the carrier or CreativeOne, this is a must watch. If your practice leaves outstanding applications hanging, or are not taking the policy to fruition quickly, the repercussions could be significant to the practice.
View Now Preparing Clients for a Better Paramed Exam »
Troubleshoot client concerns and help prepare for the best possible exam results. We'll help you coach clients on how to:
  • Set exam expectations
  • Remove the unknown
  • Mentally prepare for the day
  • Prepare days prior and the day of the exam
View Now Placing Rated Cases and Closing the Sales Successfully »
Navigate underwriting obstacles and strategies to present cases successfully and close the sale. What to do when life insurance table ratings don't come back standard. Understand the underwriter's process and gain insight to the factors that affect table ratings. We'll also explore how to circumvent potential obstacles and turn the sub-par rating into a powerful sales message.
View Now Enhancing Your Client's "Me Fund" »
Explore and position multipurpose estate funds to address and mitigate long-term care, longevity risks and premature death. Maneuver through the construction of a solution-based outlay, who's the ideal candidate and techniques to approach clients confidently.
View Now Portfolio Diversification and Distressed Variable Annuities »
Help clients objectively review variable annuities that have deviated away from their original intended purpose. We'll cover performance, changes in financial objectives and product obsolescence.
View Now ILIT Trustee Review Guide: Potentially Big Sales Opportunities »
How to assist an ILIT trustee make the trust property productive. Power-packed 10 minutes to learn how to:
  • Receive underwriting decisions in 48 hours
  • Eliminate over half of the exams
  • Expedite your revenue stream

Take advantage of this sales opportunity and ask your Life Sales Team for your ILIT guide which includes questions you should be asking ILIT trustees.

View Now How life insurance can pay down mortgages and increase tax deductions »
Help clients discover the benefits of life insurance to:
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Pay loans early
  • Make home purchase the smart way
  • Provide mortgage insurance
View Now Harvesting Your Database: Common client oversights that can lead to big revenue opportunities »
Is your client database sitting dormant? Ramp up your efforts and score easy opportunities that can better serve your clients.

Here's how to look at your client database with a whole new outlook on life. We'll uncover ways to:

  • Comb your most precious asset — your book of business
  • Use new product technology to replace second-generation products that could provide clients additional value
  • Identify gaps in coverage to find needs that are currently not being met
View Now Making You Comfortable Closing the Uncomfortable Sale »
If you're not delivering 8.5 out of 10 applications, this Power 10 is for you.

Join Creative's Senior Vice President who's closed multi-million-dollar client policies over and over again. Learn a natural delivery method to leverage the carrier offer, and overcome fear to deliver an emended offer to position you for a second sale.

View Now Overcoming Qualified Contribution Limits »
Utilizing tax-deferred assets as powerful tools.

Help clients uncover alternative ways to contribute to non-capped life insurance strategies that can complement their retirement income.

View Now 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to Pinpoint Client Concerns »
Reduce your number of appointments with clients by easily uncovering their immediate financial concerns. This proven non-invasive fact finder is a must have for all first-time appointments.

Take advantage of this sales opportunity and call the Life Sales Team to receive your non-branded client cheat-sheet. Ask the right questions and boost sales.

View Now Charitable Planning: Tailoring to Achieve Client Objectives »
See how to structure gifts by tailoring the strategy to your client's own growth. We'll explore:
  • Maximizing charitable planning
  • Managing large income tax years
  • Tax-efficient asset repositioning
  • Estate planning in a low-interest-rate environment

Ask your Life Sales Team for your handy, non-branded Charitable Planning Questionnaire. Just add your logo and contact information for your next client meeting.

View Now Fast-track Applications & Speed-up Revenue »
Streamlined approach for underwriting and placement Power-packed 10 minutes to learn how to:
  • Receive underwriting decisions in 48 hours
  • Eliminate over half of the exams
  • Expedite your revenue stream
Take advantage of this underwriting experience and ask your Life Sales Team for a step-by-step client guide and checklist.
View Now Strategies to Reposition Inheritance CDs and Money Market Accounts »
There's nearly $11 trillion sitting idle in money market accounts and CDs.

If your client plans to use this for inheritance, learn how you can provide a flexible tool to cover: LTC expenses and reap tax advantages or provide a legacy to a loved one.

View Now Approach Blended Families Confidently »
With blended multi-marriage families, traditional estate-planning techniques are often thrown out the window and less effective addressing needs. If your clients are remarried with children from a previous marriage, add this to your play list.

Help clients protect their children's interest and fairly distribute funds. Helping clients equally treat all their loved ones fairly can also turn into second generation clients.

View Now Buy Term, Invest the Difference … How to Capitalize on Media »
Competing against media personalities and overcoming a client's perception to only buy term insurance can kill more robust sales opportunities and limit a client's flexibility.

Take a stagnate client with a "cash driven" lifestyle and change their perspective. In this ten minute teaser, we'll explore:

  • Investigate the buy term and invest the difference concept
  • Evaluate returns
  • Strategies to overcome client perceptions

Attend to combat a common sales objection and show how clients can control their money.

View Now Position Yourself as a Wealth Firm's Insurance Director »
Having an insurance expert inside a wealth firm can position to grows the firm's AUM and guard growing market share.

Explore the intricacies to position yourself and garner the attention of firm and be their in-house insurance go-to professional. Here's what we'll explore:

  • As a firm's Insurance Director, why you can produce more than a traditional life producer?
  • Why you should make the candidate shortlist?
  • How to coach advisors and funnel new sales to you and them
View Now Financial Underwriting Done Right »
In today's market medical underwriting isn't the only barrier to get cases placed. Better-equip yourself to proactively address financial underwriting obstacles. We'll cover what's hot in the market and how to better prepare clients for what's to come. This is a must attend for anyone who handles complex estates or works with businesses.

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