Integrated Financial Services for Elite Advisors

We know why you’re here:

  • Nobody speaks your language
  • You’ve outgrown the capabilities of your current insurance partnership
  • A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for your firm
  • You desire to exponentially grow your business and haven’t found a partnership that can do that

CreativeOne’s Integrated Financial Services (IFS) division exists to fill a major void in the financial and insurance industry. Wealth managers now have a place to help create a road map to grow their business. You now have a partner to holistically fulfill your clients’ needs through the true synergy of investments and insurance.

IFS will serve as a silent conduit to help you multiply your AUM, and bring greater efficiency to your business. We will help you fully integrate a game-changing strategy to give you a competitive advantage and to build a protective fence around your clients.

Best of all, we’re concentrating on strengthening firms who have already established themselves as the “best of the best.” Even an elite firm like yours can benefit from the one-of-kind coaching and consultation experience. IFS emphasizes quality over quantity, where consultation and services are reserved for the most elite wealth firms in the nation.

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