CreativeOne Fuels Producer Success through Marketing Credits Program

CreativeOne empowers producers with extensive resources that can build their client base, business and earnings.

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Business Accelerator, the new marketing credits program, helps propel your business to new heights of success. By selling annuity and life insurance business through CreativeOne, you automatically accrue quarterly credits to pay for marketing services provided by us, including:

  • Logo Designs
  • Identity Packages
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Agent Videos
  • Referral Cards
  • Print Ads
  • Social Media Elite
  • Opportunity Maps
  • Event Invites

There are dozens of effective marketing tactics available through our expert marketing team, and there's never been a better way to get the marketing support your business needs. Whether you need help with lead generation, brand identity or social media, CreativeOne is the trusted partner that can deliver for you.

CreativeOne Now Offers Human Resources Services

As an agent development organization (ADO), our goal is to help you be as successful as possible. We're excited to add human resources (HR) to the list of available Business Accelerator services*. Our internal HR team is spearheading a multitude of efforts to help you fine-tune your practice and make you more efficient.

Choose from a variety of HR services and HR business-consulting services that give you more time to focus on the client, while we do the administrative work.

Fill out the form to the right and get instant access to our one-page overview with more details on how Business Accelerator, and CreativeOne, can work for you.

To get contracted with CreativeOne, call a sales consultant at 800.992.2642 and together, let's build something amazing. Let's GO!


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Some carrier and product exclusions apply. Ask your CreativeOne Sales Team for specific exclusions and restrictions. Certain single premium immediate annuities (SPIAs) and multi-year guarantee annuity (MYGAs) products count toward qualifying production, but will not be eligible to receive credits. Producers with contracts above street level will be credited at 25%. Producers with special contract levels production are exempt from the program (blackout levels receive no credit at all, premium or credits.) Single premium index products are credited at two times the credits.  Downlines are credited at 5 bps, regardless of qualifying percentages. Production for carriers and products that do not allow credits will count toward qualifying production levels only.

Quarterly production stands alone and will not be cumulative with prior quarters. Quarterly production must be paid to CreativeOne by March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Credits will be issued to a Producer’s account approximately on the 15th of the month following the quarter. Producer must be in good standing and have no release requests pending or in the prior 12 months to receive credits. Credits can be redeemed by contacting your Sales Team. Buy-in of services or programs through Business Accelerator are not allowed, nor are partial buy-ins for services. Credits can be accumulated for up to 24 months, credits exceeding 24 months expire. Accrued credits are earned in the quarter production is paid to CreativeOne. Credits may be applied toward the Dynamic Marketing Portal programs and services with the exception of E&O insurance.
Cash Out
Beginning January 1, 2018, CreativeOne will not allow cash outs for Business Accelerator.   

Reimbursements must be turned in by the last day of the month to receive a reimbursement check the following month. Amounts must be equal to or less then the expense credits in the Business Accelerator account to receive a reimbursement. No partial payments will be accepted. Producers must complete a check request and email to to receive a reimbursement.  All requests after the last day of the month will be processed the following month.  Please allow for 21 days after the end of the month to receive your payment.  ACH is available, please talk to your CreativeOne sales team to receive appropriate forms. All Client One Securities advisors must be paid by Client One Securities. Please allow an additional three days for processing. If you have not written a piece of business with CreativeOne in six months, all reimbursements are frozen until a new case comes in. 

Chargeback of commission will result in chargeback of credits for all producers. In the case of premiums paid monthly, credits will accumulate on monthly basis as commissions are paid to CreativeOne.

Producers with a broker-dealer arrangement are subject to qualification restrictions.

Production in the state of New York does not count toward qualifying production tiers or earned credits.

CreativeOne reserves the right to terminate, amend or modify the Business Accelerator program plan parameters at any time.

FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Some of these programs are exclusive offers through CreativeOne's Dynamic Marketing Portal to third-party vendors and are only available to agents who are contracted with CreativeOne. CreativeOne is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it. Although we may promote and/or recommend the services offered by these companies, agents are ultimately responsible for the use of any materials or services and agree to comply with the compliance requirements of their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, (if applicable), and the insurance carriers they represent.
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